NIE SCADA and Voltage Control

In association with Carnaff Ltd we developed a SCADA and Voltage Control system to meet the requirements of the Distribution Network Code (D-Code) as well as specific requirements set out in individual connection agreements. We developed the SC-12 SCADA package which uses both IEC 60870-5-101 and a modified DNP3 protocol and the VC-12 Voltage Control system for use with Induction Generators

We have successfully installed and commissioned a number of SCADA systems which have been tested back to the NIE Distribution Control Centre. To date this includes a number of wind turbines of various types, anaerobic digestion plants and landfill gas projects.

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Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines SCADA HMI Upgrade

Innovative Automated Solutions Ltd designed and commissioned the upgrade Human Machine Interface (HMI) software that is used to control the 58MW of power generation on each of Royal Caribbean Cruise Line’s Vantage class cruise liners. These ships have Aeroderivitive Gas Turbine engines installed feeding a Steam Turbine generator and the heating system for the ships’ systems such as swimming pools, saunas and the numerous kitchens.

The system was developed using GE iFix SCADA package running on Proface HMIs.

Wind Turbine Inverter Project

Innovative Automated Solutions Ltd were commissioned by Duncan Plant in May 2013 to  design and commission a wind turbine inverter system that would limit the export of a turbine with an installed capacity of greater than 250KW to 250KW yet maximize the production by making a fixed speed turbine variable speed. The turbune is now in full production and further installations ongoing.

Wind Turbine Derating Scheme

We have recently installed a derating scheme for a wind turbine project where the connection allowed for a maximum export capacity  less than the rated output from the generator. In order to successfully install such a scheme the proposed methods had to be agreed to by NIE in writing and approved equipment installed to ensure compliance with the relevant codes of practice.


With the need for remote small scale standby generator requirements due to shortages in supply from the national grid the electricity market has opened up to Aggregators who can dispatch a large number of these generators from a central location when asked to do so by the grid operator (SONI in NI and Eirgrid in ROI).

We developed a secure 3G VPN network connecting demand sites all over Ireland beck to a central loacation where they can be monitored and generators dispatched from the control centre. The network is extremely economical to run with all sites running with very low data allowances and with the Class 2 VPN it is completely secure. The control centre runs a Movicon SCADA package which provides real time electricity metered data from all the sites and also historical trending and database functionality.

Generator Control Retrofit

When configuring generators for dispatch as part of the AGU / DSO scheme we discovered that many of them were fitted with obsolete controllers which needed to be updated in order to synchronise with the grid. As there are so many generators of different types we developed a generic solution that is cost effective and should allow these older generators to run for many years to come.